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Stone Spirits

Stone Spirit

"When you feel unseen, I will see you,

When you feel unheard, I will hear you,

When you feel sad and alone, I will comfort you,

When your heart is broken, I will be your path forward,

When you hide in the shadows, lost in despair,

I will call the sun down to shine upon you, uplifting your Spirit to Father Sky and guide you onward, so you may remember who you are."

©️ Lily Rose Wilder - Wolf River Song

Whilst spending time in nature, it's always a beautiful blessing to happen upon a stone spirit! When we encounter these elders, it is time to dream new medicine into being. From daytime to dreamtime, they can become a wonderful ally in our daily living.

A stone may feel cold to the touch, yet truth be told, they are warm and brimming with life. Stone spirits are always aware of us. When we pay attention, travel beyond the surface of our awareness and open up our hearts, we can sense them too! It is with this connection that they comfort, inspire, teach and enlighten us. It is important to treat them with respect and once in alignment with our spiritual growth, they will assist us in bringing forward ancient Earth Medicine, wisdom, healing and teachings.

A stone's wisdom and healing potential is divinely unique and if we are unable to bring a stone home with us (because it may be on sacred land or otherwise), sometimes a visitation with them out in nature is all that is needed to shift our spirit. This is the case with Stonehenge. For centuries, many have flocked from far and wide to embrace the healing vibration and gaze in awe at the majesty of Stonehenge and other sacred stone spirit sites, for these large stones are bathed in tales of ancient magic and mystery!

We hold, toss, paint, cherish, love and decorate our homes with stones. With well-worn fingers, we take them as ours to play and commune with, or to become a quiet friend and confidante. Some pray with Stone Spirits for comfort, to soothe angst, rid frustration, and heal a wound or a broken heart. We sleep with them in our beds, placed beneath a pillow or beside our heads. It is a beautiful ritual to lay them upon an altar so you may see them before you end your day and again upon rising. You may be lucky enough to find a stone with an unbroken band all around it called a "wish stone." This is a stone you can use to make a wish. Placing a written wish beneath a stone and resting it on your altar (or on the earth beneath a favorite tree!), is very powerful medicine magic!

Within us, Stone Spirits can create a vision of joy or cast aside a worried brow and may even purge us of our deliciously dark secrets that will awaken us, night after night.

If you are feeling called to a particular stone, it is wise to ask the stone's permission before bringing it home with you. Always listen, and if you are not sure, leave the stone there as to remove it may cause an energetic imbalance. Sometimes the stone is to be left where you found it and therefore the encounter was only intended to be fleeting.

It's also appropriate to acknowledge this permission with an offering of tobacco, birdseed or a small item of fruit etc. Allow the offering you make to be a gift that speaks from the voice of your heart and always be mindful to do so with respect, gratitude and loving kindness.

When you bring your stone home, a simple way to begin to connect with it, is to find a quiet place, sit comfortably, close your eyes and come into harmony with your breath. Inhale and exhale for a few minutes whilst you feel the energy of the stone in the palm of your hand. Trace the stone with your fingers. Does it feel warm or cool to the touch? You may also like to introduce yourself and ask it if it has a name. If you are comfortable you may ask them if they have a message for you and how you can also help them. Sit for a while and just be open to whatever comes to you. Please don't worry if you cannot hear, feel or sense anything, just use your imagination, notice what comes up and above all else be patient. Using our imagination is a great way to connect and invites in a more playful and free-flowing energy!

To learn more about stone spirits, how to work with their medicine or help on your spiritual journey, please reach out to me to book a session at 323-333-0071.

©️ Lily Rose Wilder - Wolf River Song

Wolf Medicine Woman

Shamanic Healing Arts

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