Ancient Earth Medicine for Mind,​ Body and Soul


Your Journey Begins Here...

Hello, my name is Lily "Wolf River Song" Medicine Woman.

I am a Soul Whisperer, Shamanic Healing Arts Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor.

As a wolf medicine woman and medicine dreamer, I work openly in the presence of Spirit with the help of the earth keepers, elders, spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, animal totems, wild medicine, and ancient earth medicine. 

I will bring forward healing and guidance so you may gain clarity and a deeper understanding about the next steps required for your own soul's growth and healing. I will help to address and heal core ancestral wounds. I will teach and empower you with new tools to help you step forward confidently on your path.

If you are ready to make positive changes, access your inner wisdom, expand your awareness, align with what is truly possible, and receive support,

please call or email to find out more information and to schedule a session.