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Medicine Bundles $20

I live on land which is rich with Chumash Spirit, nature Spirits and wisdom keepers.

Every day I stand upon Mother Earth, communing with those who gather. I call upon the land ancestors and elders of this sacred place and bring not only my own prayers but those of others. With respect to all those who gather to support these prayers, I make an offering of tobacco and other sacred herbs to send up love and gratitude to the Creator, to great Spirit and all who gather to support us.

 Depending on your individual needs, I will create a medicine bundle crafted especially for you. 


This offering will then be placed within a stone heart circle to rest for a few days on Mother Earth.

Once the medicine bundle has become rich with prayer, it will be carefully packaged and sent to you.

When you receive the medicine bundle, you may want to place it on an altar or upon a place you hold sacred.

You may also wish to place it in a material or leather medicine pouch to carry with you. Or perhaps you may like to place it in something you can wear every day. Also, I love to sleep with them at night, either under my pillow or on a beside table. The choice it always yours as to how you choose to work with this powerful medicine.


All my heart stones have been lovingly gifted by those who watch over me on this land.

They are wise old friends who carry powerful medicine and the perfect support for your prayers.

With ceremony, sacred ritual, reverence I will offer up your prayers for healing.

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