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Ancient Earth Medicine for Mind, Body and Soul

Lily "Wolf River Song" Wolf Medicine Woman

Descended from Celtic lineage and a third generation, mystic, healer and wisdom seeker, I was born and raised in the English and French countryside.

Always feeling a call to explore the inner and outer world  that constantly shifts and shapes my life, I moved to America many moons ago and currently offer in-person shamanic and hypnotherapy sessions in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara as well as virtual appointments across the United States and globally.

As a little girl, I was a medicine dreamer and I had a natural connection with spirit and the sacred wild medicine that lives within the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

My first memories were of seeing and speaking with Spirit. I spent time within my dreams and nature, conversing and playing with the nature Spirits, who allowed me to see the world through a different lens.

Over the years, I have walked the path of the sacred as a mediator between the spiritual and physical planes. I have witnessed and experienced their always present, profound power that has ultimately provided me with an on-going abundance of knowledge and  honoring my wolf totem and the earth medicine I carry within me, I am not afraid to speak the truth and I am constantly seeking out new path​ways to empower my life.

This has allowed me to navigate not only my own life, but to help empower

and teach others on their own earth-walk.

As a Wolf Medicine Woman and Shamanic healer, I am a clear channel, offering truthful guidance and transformational healing to those who choose to listen with their hearts and walk in balance with nature and their dreams.

Healing from the heart, and honoring my ancestral roots, I may blend Native American, Celtic healing traditions, Earth Medicine, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, animal medicine, nature medicine, shamanic healing, breath work, Kundalini yoga, Hatha Yoga, sacred drumming, Havening, guided meditation,

past life regression, ritual and sacred ceremony.

I love to spend time in nature connecting with Mother Earth and her wild medicine. My greatest loves aside from my husband of course, are to step behind the lens of my camera to witness her magical world even more closely. Nature speaks to me in some profound and humbling ways and so I write poems and stories about the wild

ones who come calling or sometimes need a helping hand! 

It is my passion and joy to share medicine words from my heart to yours and I am so deeply grateful, inspired and humbled to be of service.

I look forward to sharing your soul's journey with you.

"In this tranquil place I shall dwell,

Content to hear,

The secret whispers of my soul"

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